SEO trends to watch for in 2022

SEO Trends To Watch For

What SEO trends and strategies will have your business dominating the front page of Google in 2022?

Though the main elements of SEO remain the same, Google is constantly updating and modifying its algorithms and SERPs responses to improve user experience. To ensure that your online presence is visible and appearing on the front page of google, appearing to potential clients, an understanding of the current SEO trends is crucial. As a leading digital marketing agency in Perth, Lollipop Digital Media have compiled a list of SEO trends helping businesses make big moves in 2022.  

1. Quality content

Quality content is defined differently by different people, so what’s important is understanding Google’s definition of quality content. In order for your page to be picked up by Google’s algorithms and start displaying on visible search pages, your Main content (MC) needs to display high levels of Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (E-A-T).

If you’re looking for increased rankings, increased traffic, increased time on site, you need content that will have Google putting you in people’s line of sight. Make sure you understand the needs that have to be met by your website. 

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2. Core Web Vitals

Google is now looking at whether or not websites are meeting their Core Web Vitals a.k.a site performance. Core Web Vitals are certain factors Google considers important to the user experience. There are 3 core web vitals are:

  • Loading performance (How fast it takes the content to load)
  • Responsiveness (How fast the webpage registers user input)
  • Visual stability (Whether elements of the page move when loading)

If your page is achieving results within those 3 core vitals then you’re doing well. It’s important to analyse your site and check on whether or not you are seeing results, or if you need to update content/information to stay relevant.

3. Keyword analysis

A trend that never goes out of date is Keyword analysis. Google is constantly sending spiders out to crawl (index) through the never ending webpages of information and link back relevant findings for specific questions. It’s important that these spiders reach your webpage and link your page with other pages to build traffic and relevance. There is no point in having a website that is meeting core web vitals, and producing high quality content if it can’t be found. 

Keyword focus ensures that your website is visible to your target audience. Google’s natural language processing (NLP) technology is making it more complicated to achieve effective keyword targeting. By clustering keywords that are likely to be searched for together in your content and on your pages, you’re giving yourself a higher chance of being seen by Google. 

SEO and the changing trends are a difficult topic to wrap your head without guidance. Lollipop Digital Media isn’t like other marketing agencies. Lollipop Digital Media focuses on the client and the product with the goal being to get you those increased rankings, traffic and time on site.

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