The Importance of Building Backlinks

Having quality backlinks is an important component of an effective search engine optimisation campaign. Inbound links function like good reviews for your site from outside sources. They are an integral part of the search engine algorithm. Ideally, when your website has a good amount of inbound links from websites with authority and relevant content, search engines and visitors will consider it credible. On the other hand, if you get backlinks from dodgy sites, they can harm the ranking of your website.

Having natural, quality backlinks to your website offers a number of benefits. You can get natural backlinks from guest posts, forum comments and other white hat techniques. In this article, we will discuss some of the advantages of building quality backlinks for your website.

Higher Rankings on Search Engines

The main benefit of building backlinks is higher rankings on Google. You can boost your search engine ranking when you have quality backlinks to your site. Keep in mind that search engine algorithms look at high-quality domains, niche blogs, and similar websites. Search engines will favourably view these backlinks when determining your website’s ranking.

When determining which pages to rank for a given query, Google considers the quantity and quality of inbound links to a site. This can be measured by the level of authority your domain has. With a higher domain authority, you are most likely to rank higher for relevant search queries. The more you invest in quality backlinks, the more your pages will rank in organic search results.

Establish Brand Authority

As we’ve mentioned, getting backlinks from quality websites is primarily beneficial for your SEO initiatives. The great side effect of building natural backlinks is establishing brand authority. Google looks at these links as a good indication of your website credibility—of how useful your content is. It works the same way with consumers. Good backlinks is an indication that your brand is worth taking interest in.

Your SEO initiatives can benefit from high-quality links from popular websites. Meanwhile, through association with these sites, you can also attract consumers to your brand. With good backlinks, you can present your company as a good source of information in your industry. Websites might even link to your content, providing you with natural backlinks, which search engines love.

Drive Continuous Referral Traffic

Traffic to your website does not necessarily have to originate from search queries on Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines. Referral traffic also makes up a huge percentage of website traffic. This means that users are clicking links that take them to your website.

If you get links from sites that get a lot of traffic, it can contribute to your SEO initiatives and drive targeted traffic to your website. Even if you have a single link on a certain website that’s popular, you can get push traffic to your site for many years. What’s great about referral traffic is that it is highly targeted. In a way, it works like PPC, driving high-quality traffic to your site minus the cost-per-click.

Build Good Visitor Relationship

When a user reads relevant content and they see a backlink pointing to the creator or source, they will most likely click on the link. They would want to learn more about the source, the one responsible for the content they enjoyed.

The user can potentially join your newsletter or perform another measurable action on your website. Just by staying on your site for a significant amount of time, the user can lower your bounce rate. A lower bounce rate can also be beneficial for your site’s ranking. If the visitor likes what they see, they can also connect with you through your social media sites. They might even bookmark your blog. With a simple backlink, you can build a good relationship with your customers.

Be Careful with Backlinks

As we’ve repeatedly mentioned, not all backlinks are the same. Some can benefit your site while others can do harm to your brand. You will find black hat websites that offer thousands of backlinks for a certain fee. If you go that path, it may negatively impact your SEO efforts. You also have to be careful with the links you approve to your site. If the backlinks come from outside your niche, you would be targeting a completely different audience. Excessive amounts of irrelevant backlinks may be a red flag for search engines.

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