10 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

If you want to maximise opportunities for expanding your digital reach, then email marketing is a perfect way to do so. You may have come across some overly radical marketers who claim that email advertising is a thing of the past that it is no longer relevant, however this is far from accurate. There is still great potential in email marketing for promoting and leveraging your business online, and with the right concoction of sweet techniques, you can expect a high ROI.

Here at Lollipop Digital, it is our goal to help our clients reach a wider audience and grow their business. As such, we’ve prepared ten tips for a successful email marketing campaign. Follow the tips below and maximise your business’ online potential!

1. K.I.S.S.

Keep It Short and Simple. With the mobile dominated digital market, it is essential to keep your emails concise and straight to the point. People are always in a hurry and mostly don’t have the time to read a lengthy email. When they receive your marketing email, chances are you’ll only have a few seconds to capture their attention, so by keeping your emails short and simple, you can avoid frustrating your recipients with long emails that only eat up their time and bore them.

2. Serve the Reader

You will find that effective marketing emails tend to be the ones that serve the reader; this means that you should aim to send out content that can add value to the life of the recipient. You may want to send out useful tips related to your business niche, or you could send out breakthroughs in the industry that may have an impact on the life of a reader. When you send out engaging emails, you’ll acquire readers who look forward to your highly valuable content, and be promoting your business at the same time.

3. Consistently Deliver Emails

When sending emails, indicate the specific time and day you’ll deliver new content. Over time, you will create a pattern of anticipation from your readers, which will drive them to keep coming back and reading your content. The ideal time for sending marketing emails depends on the industry you are in, so it’s important to conduct your research and find the suitable time for your readers. Take note that sending emails during unholy hours is a no-go, as doing so can dramatically lower your open rate.

4. Include One or Two Links Only

You may share useful information with your readers, but they won’t be interested in opening more than one or two links from your email. Keep in mind that the email client closely reviews the contents of the emails you send, so if your email is loaded with too many links, it will not go to the recipient’s primary inbox and instead go to the promotional tab.

It’s important to include an Unsubscribe link in your emails, which is checked by email clients such as Google. It is ideal to add only one link apart from the Unsubscribe link, as doing so will help your email land in the reader’s Primary inbox, hence increasing your open rate.

5. Use Another Platform for Photos

Email marketing is heavily dependent on words, so you don’t necessarily have to be an expert graphic artist to run a successful campaign. Images affect the open rate and can also bring your emails to the Promotions tab instead of the highly coveted Primary inbox.

You also have to decide which is more important to you—branding or higher open rate. Of course, you want people to remember your brand by pushing your business logo with every email you send, however if conversion is your primary goal in email marketing, you might want to avoid using logos and marketing symbols.

6. Do not Sell

This tip may sound ironic because the main purpose why you use email marketing is to convert readers into customers, however your campaign will better serve its purpose if you avoid making a sales pitch. It can be difficult to sell a service or product through email, so it’s more cost-effective to avoid doing so.

A better option would be to follow our second tip- position yourself as an industry expert through your email marketing campaign and blog, and once you’ve successfully done this, your readers will seek your product or service.

7. Use HTML Format

It’s true that emails with plain text load quickly, however when you use HTML format for your text, you can easily incorporate important links into your email. Aside from that, it is easier for email tracking services to follow HTML text. The display and orientation of HTML emails are also unaffected by mobile or desktop devices, so it’s a great choice for your email content.

8. Keep your Subject Lines Catchy

If your subject line is catchy and compelling, it will drive the reader to open your email. Here are some examples of interesting subject lines:

How Hashtags can Effectively Market your Business

Why SEO can be Useful for your Small Business

5 Essential SEO Tips for your Blog

9. Do not Market Through RSS

Promoting your content through RSS may seem like a good idea, however doing so could ruin your email’s open rate. RSS notifications tend to place emails in the Social or Promotional tab, so you’d be attracting fewer readers to open your email and read its content.

10. Reply to your Readers

One of the keys to successful email marketing is responding to the messages of your readers. Ultimately, respect and trust are two of the important things that lead to conversion. If you receive a message from your reader, it means that they took the time to read your content, and whether you receive a positive or negative email from your reader, you should respect their time and effort by writing back. In the world of automated systems, a personalised message can be a valuable tool for building a lasting relationship with your reader, and improving your content.

When you follow our hot tips above, you can expect more success and satisfaction from your email marketing campaigns. At Lollipop Digital, we have a team of digital marketing professionals who can use these tips to help you gain a competitive edge online. Contact us today and our friendly staff will be more than happy to discuss more marketing details with you!

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