7 Reasons Why You Should Use Instagram for Your Business

Why You Should Use Instagram for Your Business

According to Hootsuite’s The Global State of Digital 2020 report, Instagram ads reach about 928.5 million people. This platform has over a billion monthly active users, 655.8 million of which are people between the ages of 13 and 34 years old. By looking at these numbers, anyone would agree that Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Specifically, it offers an efficient solution for companies looking to expand the visibility and online presence of their services and products.

You’re doing your company a great disservice if you haven’t joined the whole Instagram marketing craze yet. Here are some of the reasons why this app continues to rise in importance:

1# Customers Search for Businesses on Instagram

If your target audience hears about your product or service, chances are that they will search for you on Instagram. They may use your brand name or any hashtags related to your business to look for you. Now, if your customers do not discover you on IG, it will result in a poor experience for them. So, even if you don’t intend to be active on this platform, it is always great practice to have an Instagram profile set up. At the very least, the page should contain your business name, contact information, and a couple of posts about your service or product. In this way, your customers’ search won’t come up empty—or even worse, let them fall onto the lap of your competitor.

2# All Sorts of Businesses Thrive on the App

Instagram caters to a broad range of demographics for online users. Needless to say,, the sky is the limit when it comes to what your company can achieve when using this platform. Whether you’re running a multinational company or operating a small business, you can benefit from Instagram.

Keep in mind that even widely popular companies use the expertise of a marketing team to maintain and expand their online presence. Household names like Adidas and Coca-Cola have been known to run successful campaigns on Instagram. However, the platform has been proven to help a slew of small businesses gain a competitive edge online.

3# Customers and Users Want to Tag Businesses

You take pride in the excellent service and products you provide to your customers. Of course, this is evident in the positive reviews that your clients leave. If they’re over-the-moon about your company, then they’re likely to go to Instagram and share their experience. Remember that their glowing review is valuable for your business. So, it only makes sense that you’d want to be tagged in their post so that the testimonial will show up on your Instagram profile. Of course, if you don’t have an account on this app, you’d be missing out on a huge opportunity.

4# Your Business Can Make Money Directly from the App

Over the years, Instagram has evolved and transformed the way in which social media marketing works. These days, there is a greater emphasis on earning money through product placement. The system, known as ‘shoppable posts,’ allows companies to add tags to the products in their posts. When a user taps on these photos, it will lead them to a product description, price, and the option to ‘buy now’. 

This new program makes it easy and straightforward for businesses to attract actual sales from Instagram. A DMR report revealed that 72% of Instagram users purchase products via Instagram. Indeed, it’s hard to ignore the results that this social media platform can bring.

5# Direct Traffic to Your Website

Products are not the only thing you can showcase on Instagram. You can also use the platform to share infographics, white paper, blog posts, and any other relevant content you post on your site. Instagram is one of the best social channels that will help you to drive traffic back to your website. When you’re posting on Instagram, you’ll also have the option to automatically and directly post to Twitter or Facebook. Indeed, it expands the social media marketing efforts you do for your site.

6# It Lets You Monitor Your Rivals

You can also use Instagram to track your competitor’s online performance and see how they interact with their followers. See what works for them by learning how often they post and how they communicate with their audience. By gathering this information, you will be able to create a more efficient strategy for your business.

7# Manage Your Online Reputation

As a business owner, you would want to put your company forward in the World Wide Web. Now, when it comes to managing your online reputation, it is a must to have an Instagram account. With this in mind, you need to be vigilant about what shows up when customers search for your brand’s name or your line of business. Of course, Instagram is one of the best places to ensure that your business remains credible online.

It’s also worth noting that social channels usually show up on the first page of the search engine results. So, it’s best practice to create a business profile on all social media networks, including Instagram. By having an IG profile, you can control the search engine results page as much as you can. Moreover, you will always have content that points back to your business. 

Convert Followers into Customers with the Help of an Expert

Instagram continues to evolve every month, and it can be time-consuming and challenging to keep up with its changing features. So, if you want an efficient way to manage your brand online, hire the marketing specialists from Lollipop Digital. Our marketing team keeps abreast the latest social media marketing updates. In this way, we can ensure to use the methods and strategies that will bring the greatest results.

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