Top 5 Benefits of Repurposing Content

Top 5 Benefits of Repurposing Content

Every content marketer’s nightmare is to eventually run out of ideas for their posts. However, coming up with unique and fresh topics for articles is more challenging than it seems. Depending on the business or client, there are core subjects that are essential to promote. Of course, if we start discussing anything unrelated to that, it can confuse the audience and diffuse our website’s online authority. 

Have you ever wondered how digital marketers continue to produce new material? Well, one foolproof strategy is to repurpose content. Throughout the years, we have dabbled in this technique, repackaging and spinning existing marketing assets. We are proud to say that this strategy has worked wonders for our long-time clients. That said, we will share with our dear readers how exactly their business can benefit from repurposing old content:

What Is Content Repurposing?

Also referred to as ‘content recycling,’ repurposing content involves refreshing or reusing existing materials. Typically, marketers use the entire content or take parts of it to expand its reach. Moreover, they transform the old material into a new format. For instance, if they’re repurposing an infographic, they can turn it into a lengthy blog post.

What Are the Advantages of Repurposing Content?

Businesses—whether small or big—can enjoy the following benefits from repurposing content:

Benefit 1: Greater Audience Reach

When you reuse content, you can reach a new audience. Everyone has a preference for consuming information. For example, while some like watching the news on TV, others opt to read it online. On the other hand, others prefer listening to podcasts. Now, if you repurpose your content in different formats, you can reach more people.

Benefit 2: SEO Boost

You can also boost your search engine ranking when you use specific keywords to strengthen your online authority. A digital marketer can take a single pillar keyword, then transform it into several long-tail keywords. When you recycle content, you’re finding ways to maximise the same keywords. Moreover, you can repurpose the content across various platforms. In this way, you can boost your search engine rank.

Benefit 3: Old Content Becomes New and Fresh

Businesses that have been operating for a long time usually have an abundance of archived content. Of course, you’d want to keep producing content that drives excellent results every year. Unfortunately, aging content and statistics lose their relevance. So, from time to time, you need to revisit your old posts and refresh them. By repurposing content, you are also updating it with recent information. You can change the images into something more timely as well. 

Benefit 4: Save Resources

It can massively drain your time to create new materials constantly. Even for larger teams, it can be burdensome to generate new content every day or every week. Now, if you want a painless way to fill the gaps in your content calendar, repurposing old materials is the way to go. It’s like you’re meal prepping during the weekend and transforming that into various dishes throughout the week.

Benefit 5: Easier Option for Creating Content

It’s quick and easy to generate repurposed content. You can add new information or present the content from a different perspective. Here are some ways you can do this:

Press Releases to Blog Articles

Look for relevant press releases and use engaging and newsworthy messages from them. You can rewrite the content to complement the tone of your blog. This is one of the ways to deliver industry-relevant information to your audience.

Brochures to Web Landing Page

If you have printed materials highlighting your business’ background, products, and services, you can turn them into web pages. You may have to reformat the images and copy, but at least you already have a good starting point.

eBooks and White Papers to Infographics

For eager readers, white papers can be their source of in-depth information. However, for casual browsers and readers, infographics present an easy way to deliver information. Since this is a visual medium, the resource is easy to digest and share.

Direct Mail to Email Marketing

You can also take direct mail materials and transform them into email marketing campaigns. You can use the same messaging, but you’re publishing digitally instead of using a physical copy. However, remember to use visually compelling elements to capture the reader’s attention. This way, you can maximise your current resources and publish results-driven content.

Repurposing Content Is not an Easy Feat

As you can see, recycling existing marketing materials is a complicated matter, especially when you don’t have related experience. Repurposing content is a powerful way to drive traffic to your website and boost your business operations. However, if you don’t know how to do it, you’ll only end up wasting your resources and effort.

When it comes to content marketing, you should only trust the experts from Perth. Here at Lollipop Digital, we consist of a team of seasoned digital marketers. We have the tools and skills necessary to breathe new life into your existing copies and materials. 

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