Why Small Businesses Need to Use Google My Business

Google My Business for Small Business

It’s not uncommon for many conventional ‘brick-and-mortar’ companies to be completely unaware of Google My Business. In fact, there are still a number of small business owners out there who are wondering why they should even take their business online at all. Of course, in this day and age, we are completely surrounded with technology, whilst online shopping and marketplaces have pretty much become the norm. Simply put, with the cut-through digital marketplace, businesses that do not take advantage of this platform are missing out on multiple business opportunities.

Now, you don’t have to jump straight in by starting up a fully-fledged online store. Even if your company has a physical location and you sell your services and products in person, you can still benefit from putting up a Google My Business page. After all, who wouldn’t say yes to expanding their small business and creating a more substantial customer base? If this is something you desire for your company, then it’s essential for you to put it online. Without a doubt, the easiest place to start is by using Google My Business.

What Is Google My Business?

Have you ever tried searching for your competitors on Google? Perhaps, you discovered that their online business listing looked professional, whilst also containing essential details such as their address, contact numbers, and operating hours. You may have wondered if you could do the same for your business. Well, the answer is a big YES, and you can certainly do it with the help of Google My Business (GMB).

What Can You Do with a GMB Listing?

With Google My Business, you can have a simple but effective means of attracting customers via search. A GMB listing allows you to:

  • Post your company profile and make necessary updates anytime and anywhere.
  • Promote your services and products through engaging videos and photos.
  • Encourage customer engagement by allowing them to submit reviews. With positive reviews on your profile, you can have better click-through and conversion rates.
  • Acquire insights on how search engine optimisation and Google My Business are benefitting your company.

Why Your Small Business Needs a Google My Business Listing

According to Search Engine Roundtable, 46% of searches have local intent. Despite this information, a lot of small businesses still ignore the benefits of Google My Business. The truth is, companies can enjoy several perks when setting up a GMB page. Here are some of the ways it can boost your business’s performance:

1. Become a Top Search Result on Google Maps

Online reviews are essential for consumers. However, they also consider whether a local business is within proximity to their location. Did you know that there are 18.58 million mobile Internet users in Australia? Of course, a good percentage of these people use Google search to narrow down their options when seeking out services or products. Consumers take advantage of Google Maps to look for businesses nearby.

When consumers search for local businesses like mechanics or restaurants, Google Maps will populate the map with red markers, identifying available companies within the area. Every local business featured on the map will meet the search criteria. Now, with a Google My Business listing, your business will have an edge against the competition. Once they tap your business on the results, they will notice that the information is complete.

2. Appear in the Local 3-Pack Results on Google

The local search results on Google was once an inclusive 7-pack bundle. However, over the years, the tech giant has limited that to three. Across the globe, digital marketing experts have been trying various SEO strategies to improve their clients’ local rankings. They’ve tried to increase their chances of being included in that local 3-pack of results on Google.

However, what many small businesses are not aware of is that Google My Business plays a vital role in this. With a GMB listing, you can significantly increase your chances of making the 3-pack list. After all, the results show users businesses listed on Google Maps. The best part is, the 3-pack list shows up before organic search results. Consequently, you can enjoy the added benefit of increased visibility.

3. Become Credible in the Eyes of Your Customers

Customers would want to feel confident about a brand before they make a purchase. As a small business owner, it is your responsibility to help them make their decision as easy as possible. One of the easiest ways that you can build trust is by letting potential clients see that your small business has a physical location. Consumers inherently place their confidence and trust in Google. So, if your business appears in the local search results, customers are more likely to consider it reputable.

4. Become More Appealing to Potential Clients

Not many other factors can influence a potential client’s decision as much as online reviews can. Think back to the last time you wanted to buy something online, but were struggling to choose a brand or supplier. You probably filtered the results according to the highest reviews, right? By having a GMB listing, your business will be open for reviews and honest feedback from consumers.

Now, if you receive positive evaluations, you will understand what you’re doing right. What’s more, that nifty star rating on your GMB listing will be appealing to potential clients. As long as you continue to deliver quality services and products, you will collect more positive reviews and enjoy a higher overall rating. If you want to gain a competitive edge against nearby businesses, then your published online reviews will help.

5. Improve Your Website Traffic and Business Sales

Since websites for local businesses are highly targeted, it can be challenging to maintain their traffic. Of course, unprecedented issues can come up throughout the year. However, a GMB listing can help boost your numbers online, even during the low season. Of course, this benefit can translate to visits to your actual, physical location.

Why Hire an SEO Specialist for Your GMB Listing

Google My Business’s platform is indeed simple yet effective. However, there are still challenges in managing its listings. The truth is, the ranking system in GMB listings involves a complex algorithm. Knowing how to post on Google My Business is one thing, but learning how to optimise a listing properly is a whole different ballpark.

When you turn to Lollipop Digital, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll work with SEO specialists who are dedicated towards the success of your business. We provide expert advice on how you can take advantage of the various features and benefits of Google My Business. Moreover, our team will set up your listing, ensuring that it has all the technical elements necessary to drive traffic to your website.

If you’re ready to gain a competitive edge online, contact Lollipop Digital now and get a free website analysis!

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