Why You Should Add an FAQs Page on Your Website

Why Add FAQs on Your Website

When designing your website, one of the most vital decisions you’ll make is choosing which pages to include. An efficient site should highlight a company’s services or products from various angles. What’s more, it should understand the search intent of visitors, making it easier for them to understand what exactly the business offers. As such, it is vital to choose pages that will help the website to rank well in search results. This way, your content will encourage them to move through the sales pipe and transform them from first-time visitors into returning clients.

Now, one of the best ways for you to achieve these goals is by creating an FAQ page. You might have done your best to explain your products and services elsewhere on your site. However, you’ll likely deliver even more useful information through the addition of an FAQ page.

What Is an FAQ Page?

An FAQ page, short for ‘frequently asked questions’, serves to answer questions that people most commonly ask about a product or service. It is a dynamic page that website owners must update regularly. So, whenever a customer asks you a question, you must decide whether or not other potential clients share their concern or would find the answer interesting. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that you answer these questions with clarity. What’s more, you should use this venue for creating meaningful connections between existing and potential customers. After all, it will provide you with an opportunity to share the qualities and traits of your business and brand.

Keep in mind that ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ is a broad topic, and you might want to consider creating a separate page for it. It should include some of the most essential elements of your business, including shipping and returns, payment options, service turnaround time, among others. Remember, the page should feature relevant information that reflects the concerns of your customers.

What Are the Benefits of an FAQ Page?

Businesses are missing out on the benefits of having an FAQs page. Here are some of the ways that you can use it to your company’s advantage:

Improve the Visitor’s Experience

You may have a well-organised and clear website. However, visitors may still have questions, and they may have to browse through a couple of pages to find answers. Of course, this can be quite frustrating, especially for users who are wanting a quick answer to their concern. On the other hand, when you compile the answers to commonly asked questions, your site visitors will have a central place to discover the information they need.

If you think that site convenience and user experience do not play vital roles in forming a person’s perception of your brand, consider the following statistics on customer service:

  • According to McKinsey & Company, three-quarters of customers browsing online expect to get assistance within five minutes.
  • Customer service trends from Forrester revealed that 54% of customers had used email to seek assistance from a business. What’s more, they’ve expected a response within an hour of sending their message.
  • In the same case study, 66% of the respondents mentioned that a good online customer experience involves little touches that make them feel like their time is important.
  • What’s more, among all self-service channels, customers frequently use knowledge bases like FAQs pages.

It’s understandable that a lot of small businesses do not have the workforce and resources to operate 24/7. However, a page on your site that’s easy to find can go a long way in creating a positive experience for your visitors. In this way, they will receive clear answers to their burning questions, making them feel that their time is important to you.

Enjoy Better Organic Search Ranking

Over the years, Google has shifted its search algorithm’s focus from keywords to user intent. Of course, this means that queries are now based on longer phrases and questions. Well, an FAQ page is the perfect place to capture voice search questions, allowing you to please Google’s crawlers. The great thing about this page is that it doesn’t limit you to information about your company. You can also use it to answer general questions within your industry. It can be unnatural to insert search queries into your service pages, but an FAQ page would indeed allow you to incorporate those longtail keyword phrases that Google loves so much.

Make Navigation Easier for Users

In most cases, a lot of the answers on an FAQ page are available elsewhere on a site. However, users may have a hard time finding them. Visitors typically navigate through the menu to find the information they need. Once they see an FAQ page under the menu, they’ll know exactly where they can find the answer to their question. You can use the information on the page to link to related content within the site that will provide a deeper experience for users. Of course, doing so will also boost your internal link-building efforts.

Gain a Better Understanding of Your Audience

When you’re actively identifying your site visitors’ questions, you’re doing more than creating content for your FAQ page. You’re also trying to gain a deeper insight into the desires, needs, and challenges of your customers. In a way, an FAQ page is shaping various aspects of your business, including product planning, manufacturing, customer service, and marketing, among others.

Having an FAQs page also helps you to inform your customers about the qualities and selling points of your services and products. The value point can be the answer from which you can form a question. This way, you can hype your services and products without outrightly making a sales pitch.

Hire the SEO Experts for Your FAQ Page

It’s crucial for your FAQ page to contain quality content that will encourage engagement with your audience. Content marketing is not an easy feat, but with the help of the SEO specialists in Perth, you can build a strong online connection with existing and potential customers. Our team can create an FAQs page that will help you to represent your business’ values and your audience’s interests.

If you’re interested in what we have to offer, contact Lollipop Digital today to get a free website analysis!

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